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The Application for Basic Property and Liability Insurance is ACORD 66 CT and may be filed directly by any CONNECTICUT LICENSED PRODUCER and MUST BE PROPERLY COMPLETED, SIGNED, and DATED BY THE APPLICANT. (We still accept our old Form #10 while supplies last)

The Notice of Adverse Underwriting Decision (page 4 of the application) must be completed for all OWNER-OCCUPIED dwellings.

A CORPORATE QUESTIONNAIRE (Form #6) must accompany an application from a company, corporation, trust or holding company, or partnership.

A VACANCY QUESTIONNAIRE (Form #7) must accompany vacant or unoccupied applications.

If the application is unsigned or so incomplete that we cannot begin processing, it will be returned to the producer.

If incomplete, but we are able to begin processing the application, we will send a request (Form #21) for the missing information.

An inspection will be ordered and we have 20 days to get back to you with a quotation or a declination. Our 20 days does not begin until we have a completed and signed application.

If the risk is acceptable, a quotation will be mailed to the producer only. If condition charges apply, they will be listed on the quotation with a separate premium. If the conditions are corrected, notify us in writing for reinspection and possible removal of the charge.

The quotation is valid for 60 days from the date of issuance. Coverage will become effective upon receipt of the total annual premium in the office of the FAIR Plan. Let us know if you want coverage to become effective on a specific date after the receipt date.

If the risk is unacceptable, a Declination Notice will be mailed to the applicant and the producer. See APPEALS section of the Producers' Manual.

The Expiration Notification and Application for Continued Coverage is mailed to the insured and the producer 60 - 90 days prior to the policy expiration date. We do not notify the mortgagee. Coverage will lapse if we do not receive the full annual premium on or before the expiration date. (See the Producers' Manual for details.)

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