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The word "location" is defined as a fixed location. The maximum limits:

(There is no Automatic Reinstatement clause in FAIR Plan policies)

Coverage A - 1 to 4 family dwellings $350,000
Coverage C - Household contents & personal property $  75,000
Coverage B - Other Structures may apply 10% of building amount (not additional insurance)  
Coverage D - Fair Rental Value may apply 10% of building amount, not to exceed 1/12 per month - (not additional insurance)  

Fire Resistive Construction
Ordinary Masonry Construction
Frame construction

Fire Resistive Construction
Ordinary Masonry Construction
Frame Construction

$  700,000
$  500,000

$  250,000
$  200,000
$  200,000

The above commercial content limits may be doubled in the case of sole occupancy at any location.

The foregoing maximum limit of insurance may be increased upon approval of the Governing Committee but in no event shall the total amount of insurance exceed $1,500,000 on any single risk.

PERSONAL LIABILITY (includes $1,000 medical payment coverage):
Only 1 to 3 family occupied dwellings, 1 to 3 family vacant or unoccupied dwellings written in the name of an Estate and 1 to 3 family vacant/unoccupied dwellings that are under renovation are eligible, Subject to Inspection.

Coverage amounts available:
$  50,000
$  25,000

(Form # CFP181 Lead Exclusion is attached to all liability coverage except for one family owner occupied dwellings. This excludes coverage for any claim that results in any way from lead.)

Animal Bites -

Effective 1/1/04, we have the 'Animal Liability Exclusion Endorsement' that allows us to provide liability coverage but exclude any animal(s) that has bitten and is still on the premises.  An 'Acknowledgement of Exclusion of Animal Liability Coverage' Form must be completed and signed by the Applicant/Insured before we can add this endorsement.


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