1. What is the Connecticut FAIR Plan?

    The aim of the CT FAIR (Fair Access to Insurance Requirements) Plan is to provide property insurance available to applicants who have not been able to secure such insurance on insurable property through the normal insurance market. The property and premises must meet reasonable underwriting standards.

  2. What coverages are offered?

    Read about our coverages.

  3. Does the FAIR Plan have maximum limits of coverage?

    Read about our Limits of Insurance.

  4. How do I apply?

    Contact any licensed Connecticut producer or insurance agent. If they do not have an account with us, they contact us and easily get one. Your Agent will help you decide whether you can get coverage elsewhere or qualify for the FAIR Plan. They will help you complete an application for insurance.

  5. Do I need an agent or producer?

    Yes, all our policies are placed through Connecticut licensed agents and producers, who will work for the insured to ensure that coverage is not available somewhere else and that if placed with us you have the proper coverage.

  6. How do a report a claim?

    Click here to learn about reporting a loss.