Premium Payment

The total annual premium must be received in our office before we issue a policy.

We do not have a payment plan.

We do not accept payment by credit card.

We do accept payment by Finance Companies but must have a copy of the finance agreement.

We do not bill mortgagees. It is your responsibility to contact the mortgagee for premium payment.

Checks must be made payable to the Connecticut FAIR Plan.

We charge a fee for any check returned by the bank.

Additional premium bills/endorsements will be mailed to you. If payment is not received when due, a cancellation notice will follow.

A quotation will be mailed for any increase in coverage. If not paid, the increase will not become effective.

Renewal quotations (applications) are mailed 60 - 90 days prior to the expiration date to the insured and the producer. The renewal application must be completed and signed by the insured and returned to us with the premium. If we do not receive payment of the full annual premium on or before that expiration date, coverage will lapse.

We do not mail the renewal quotation to the mortgagee(s).

Renewal quotations are valid up to 60 days after the expiration date. If payment is received late, but within those 60 days, the effective date of the renewal policy will be the day we receive the total annual premium in this office. A 'new' application is required if coverage is desired beyond the 60-day period.

There are no automatic renewals.